All Hands on Deck: Lakes Area Tea Party Action Meeting

Urgent Lakes Area Tea Party Action Meeting!

Deb O’Hagan and Matt Maddock at our next action meeting.

Saturday, March 29 – 10:30am to 1:00am

Lunch will be provided

Location: Commerce Township Community Library
2869 N Pontiac Trail, Commerce Township, MI – Map

Come and meet with the candidates on March 29th and become part of our plan for success! Help reverse the disheartening direction of our government. Become empowered by helping to elect these principled conservative candidates who will support the Republican Party Platform of smaller government and lower taxes in our state by their votes.

Big government steals precious freedom from us all!
We need to elect sound conservatives that understand
this basic principle in order to roll back the intrusion
of Obamacare into our state.

There is plenty to do and something for everyone regardless of your skills or time constraints. We will be setting the course to accomplish the necessary goals we have set out to achieve for the Lakes Area Tea Party. If you are discouraged by the self serving choices made by some of our Republican elected officials and feel helpless in reversing these trends, take heart, working together we can take back our country!

Whether or not you live in the Districts of Klint Kesto or Mike Kowall, their votes for bigger government and higher taxes effect you! Join in the effort to replace them!

Together we can make a difference!

Please join us in this important effort. Your help is needed!

*The deadline is fast approaching to get your Pecinct Delegate applications filed.
We will have a notary present to assist you in this process on Saturday.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to join in this effort, please email us at someone will contact you about a role you can play.