Big Turn-Out for LATP September Meeting

We had a big turn-out for our Monthly Meeting last night at Uptown Grill – 140+! Below is follow up information on several hot topics as well as an outline of what we discussed.


Shocked by the latest news of Planned Parenthood’s covert operation to sell aborted baby parts?

Shane Trajo, from the Tenth Amendment Center, explained how we can stop abortion by educating the public about the rights of the States to resist unconstitutional federal abortion mandates.

Contact info for Shane Trajo’s Nullifly Abortion: or contact Shane at 248 563-8250

Lakes Area Corn Poll Results: corn-poll2
Trump – 29
Cruz – 26
Carson – 16
Paul – 7
Carly – 6
Kasich – 1
Walker – 1
Bush – 1
Rubio – 0
Huckabee – 0
Christie – 0

Another Way Pregnancy Center

Karen Jewell Director of Another Way Pregnancy Center, or as I like to refer to it “Unplanned Parenthood”, was invited to extend an invitation you may want to hear about:

Another Way Pregnancy Center is hosting their Annual Fundraising Banquet Thursday Oct 29th, 2015.

Contact Jane at 248 471-5858 x 105 to request an invitation.

Dick Manesseri, Gary Kubiac and Mary Ann Moore: The Refugee Resettlement Scam

If you’re a news junkie like me you are probably mesmerized by the incredible scenes of thousands of Syrian refugees pouring into the beautiful cities in Europe. Could something like this possibly happen here? Dick Manesseri, Gary Kubiac and Mary Ann Moore, from the 9:12 TEA Party in Utica, have spent countless hours researching and investigating the plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States… behind the backs of most citizens. Is the goal to change America by actually changing its citizens?

Dick Manesseri, Gary Kubiak and Mary Ann Miller presented their findings on how many “legal” refugees have been brought to our Michigan cities in 2015 and explained why this is happening and what we can do to prevent more of Obama’s frightening implementation of hope and change.

A big thank you to our informative presenter, Dick Manasseri, and all the research done by Gary Kubiac and Mary Ann Miller on this issue.

While a number of the people in attendance have signed the No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK Petition, there are many more who need a reminder or can help spread the word.

I hope you understand the urgency about what is happening and that you will be encouraged to spread the word and help us “light up the petition map” by:

1.  Signing the petition yourself (if you did not have a chance to do that Monday);

2.  Encourage others to sign. Here is the link:

Tell everyone to first watch the 4 minute video with Ann Corcoran so they will understand what the petition is about.

In the upper right corner of the screen are two links:

– Signatures – where you can view Public Signature List for this petition.  You can also view comments from this list.

– Round Green object – view this Petition’s Signature map –

–  After the map appears, click on North America   > Midwest area  > Michigan  > Detroit

– Select a marker north of Detroit – now you should see the Sterling Heights – Warren area.

– This is where we need to light up the Metro Detroit area.

If you have family, friends or acquaintances outside of Metro Detroit, encourage them to visit this site and sign the petition so we can light up all of Michigan!

I am including a screen shot below of what the local map looks like as I’m writing this post. Let’s see how we can increase those numbers within the next few days. A number of signatures have been registered from our area since last night’s event.

Another outstanding article on this topic is from Jim Simpson that explains the dangerous scam and promotes the petition:

If anyone has any questions about this project, you can contact Dick Manasseri at



We will be having another event for Precinct Delegates this Fall. Look for that information to come.

Next meeting is October 13 – that’s a Tuesday.

Posting the Flag: Retired U.S. Marine Don Woodworth
Invocation: Matt Maddock

For God and Country,