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October Meeting Recap, Info and Action Items

Nahren Anweya

Nahren Anweya gave a heartbreaking story of the life and death situation of the Assyrian Christian’s plight in the Middle East. She explained how  ISIS is slaughtering hundreds of Christians every month. They are also buying and selling women for cigarettes. Women are slaves to #‎ISIS.This is the real war on women. Nahren also warned of the dangers our Nation faces with the influx of possible radicalized Muslims contained in the population of Syrian Refugees. Our leaders are not putting the best interest of the American people ahead of the goals of the U.N. and the Obama administration from the sleeper cells being set up across our country. This brave young woman is trying to sound the alarm by educating people to the reality of genocide in Iraq and the risk of Islamist radicals infiltration our country. ... read more

Matt Maddock: A True Conservative


Dear Fellow Michigan Patriot,

I don’t have to tell you how disappointed we all are in how our Michigan Republican legislators have voted on “our” behalf this past year, many of whom we helped get elected in 2012! In Oakland County we have a slew of them who voted for Medicaid Expansion (Obamacare), Common Core, millions more in Corporate Welfare, the increase in the gas tax, the Detroit bailout and many, many other increases in taxes, fees and regulations. The list goes on and on. Here in Oakland County we have a great opportunity to take out kingpin Senator Mike Kowall. This is not an open seat; Kowall is an incumbent who plans to become Senate Majority Leader! ... read more

Medicaid Expansion


The debate in Lansing about Medicaid Expansion can sometimes be confusing. Not only can the health care system itself be confusing, but the ever-changing proposals to reform it are difficult to keep up with. In order to facilitate a comparison of the differences between the Healthy Michigan bill that is being updated by Senator Kahn and the Patient-Centered Care Solution that Senator Colbeck has designed, please click here. ... read more