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Deb O’Hagan Campaign Kick-off Party

Deb O’Hagan was surrounded by friends and supporters on Saturday evening at her Campaign Launch Party in West Bloomfield. Attendees where there to offer Deb their time and financial support in this important election year. Deb is running for State Representative in Michigan’s 39th District. Matt Maddock was also at the event. He has his own launch party coming up May 15th at Bakers in Milford (2025 S. Milford Rd. 7-9 pm). Learn more about these great candidates and what you can do to help at and ... read more

Community Responds to “Call To Action”


The Lakes Area community provided a great response on Saturday morning to the LATP’s “Call To Action” meeting. With more than 75 attendees, Michigan 39th Congressional District hopeful Deb O’Hagan and Michigan 15th Senate District hopeful Matt Maddock were treated to enthusiasm and support for their respective candidacies. Most of the guests signed on as volunteers as the two candidates work to ramp-up to challenge their respective incumbents in the coming August 5th Republican primary. ... read more