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October Meeting Recap, Info and Action Items

Nahren Anweya

Nahren Anweya gave a heartbreaking story of the life and death situation of the Assyrian Christian’s plight in the Middle East. She explained how  ISIS is slaughtering hundreds of Christians every month. They are also buying and selling women for cigarettes. Women are slaves to #‎ISIS.This is the real war on women. Nahren also warned of the dangers our Nation faces with the influx of possible radicalized Muslims contained in the population of Syrian Refugees. Our leaders are not putting the best interest of the American people ahead of the goals of the U.N. and the Obama administration from the sleeper cells being set up across our country. This brave young woman is trying to sound the alarm by educating people to the reality of genocide in Iraq and the risk of Islamist radicals infiltration our country. ... read more

Bentivolio Walking to Washington for Vets


Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is fed up and he’s taking it to the streets!  The 64 year old Congressman from Milford, MI and veteran of two wars is literally walking for justice for his fellow veterans, soldiers, sailors, airmen and women and the US Marines on a 570 mile journey from his home  to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness of the abominable conditions that our veterans and their families are living under after giving their lives to protect and serve this country. ... read more

Appreciation Night for Congressman Kerry Bentivolio


February 9, 2015  |  The Uptown Grille  |  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
3100 E West Maple Rd, Commerce Township, MI 48390 map

Kerry Bentivolio went to Washington two years ago to stand up for our conservative principles. Once there, he quickly became known for his integrity, work ethic, warmth, and effectiveness as a legislator. He recently returned home after representing Michigan’s 11th district in the US House of Representatives. Please join us in showing appreciation for all that Kerry has done in the fight for our conservative principles.  Also that night, Kerry will be giving us a sneak peak at his new “project”. ... read more

October Meeting Recap

Recap of Monday Night’s LATP October Meeting – just in case you missed it!

Mark Baker from Green Acres Farm drove in from Marion Michigan to describe his battle with the state. Mark explained it as a property rights fight. The DNR declared the type of hogs Mark Raises on his farm as “feral” and told him he must destroy all the animals or face very large fines essentially putting him out of the hog production business. Mark retired from the military 10 years ago and being former military was not about to go along to get along especially when it came to his family’s livelihood. Mark gave a very informative and moving presentation on his case. After 3 and ½ years of litigation Marks fight continues. ... read more

Community Organizer Headlines September LATP Meeting


Normally, conservatives bristle when a “community organizer” speaks, but at last night’s LAPT meeting, it was not the case.

A robust and enthusiastic standing room only audience set aside watching the first half of the Lions’ Monday Night Football game to attend the September Lakes Area Tea Party meeting at Uptown Grille. The line-up of speakers was that good. ... read more