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6 GOP candidates for Trott seat in Congress face off in Novi debate

Detroit Free Press, January 8th, 2018

On a cold January night, nearly eight months before the Aug. 7 primary election, six Republican congressional candidates courted a crowd of more than 300 conservatives, who want to make sure the 11th District seat stays in GOP hands…

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Trump casts big shadow on 11th district debate in Novi

Detroit News, January 8th, 2018

Novi — President Donald Trump’s leadership style, illegal immigration, government spending, foreign policy and other hot-button issues shaped an impassioned public debate Monday between six candidates seeking to represent Michigan’s 11th Congressional District….

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A Conservative’s Voters Guide

The following Voter’s Guide was formulated by area conservative leaders. It is based on party affiliation, past voting records (where relevant), personal connections and even Facebook comments!  While far from a perfect method, it is felt the that following candidates would help or at least not harm the conservative principles the Republican Party was founded on. Not every office has a recommendation. When the choice is obvious or not enough is known, no opinion was offered.

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