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Tea Party DOMINATES GOP County Convention

by Tom Llewellyn
Milford, Michigan
August 15, 2014

The Oakland County GOP is beginning to change it’s look. With the New Conservatives (local Tea Party enthusiasts and attendees of other affiliated liberty groups) participating inside the Republican Party as precinct delegates, the exclusionary tactics of the good ‘ol boy Republicans are finally being challenged. ... read more

Maddock and O’Hagan Impress at Debate, Kowall and Kesto No-Shows


It was standing room only at the debate for two seats in the Michigan legislature on Thursday night in Orchard Lake.

The Greater West Bloomfield Republicans hosted the event after planning and promoting it for weeks. They were well prepared for the large group of attendees. GWBR president, Janine Kateff presided over the event and did a fantastic job with both passion and impartiality. Dr. Robert Steele did a great job as moderator. He laid out the questions for the candidates and moved the debate forward with ease and charm. ... read more