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OCRP Executive Committee Elects New Chairperson


On Monday evening, November 24, the Executive committee of the Oakland County’s Republican Party met to elect a new chairperson. The committee members were elected four days ago at the convention in Troy at the Polish American Club. The Executive committee members, those eligible to vote, included all the elected Republican office holders in Oakland County. All nine county commissioners, and all the notable republican politician in our area, including  Brooks Patterson, David Trott, Mike and Eileen Kowall,  Mike McCready, Klint Kesto,  – every Republican politician living in Oakland County, was “strongly encouraged” to to be present to vote in order to maintain the status que. Estimates were that they numbered in the 20’s. Theresa Mungioli was the establishment nominee for chairman, and Matt Maddock was nominated to run against her. The vote came out at 47 to 43 in favor of Mungioli. ... read more