Community Organizer Headlines September LATP Meeting

Normally, conservatives bristle when a “community organizer” speaks, but at last night’s LAPT meeting, it was not the case.


A robust and enthusiastic standing room only audience set aside watching the first half of the Lions’ Monday Night Football game to attend the September Lakes Area Tea Party meeting at Uptown Grille. The line-up of speakers was that good.

john_petersThe first guest speaker was John Peters. Peters, an attorney by trade, has always held great interest in Middle East affairs and studies it extensively as his family is from Syria. He discussed his published articles on ISIS and our government’s involvement. He described ISIS, when they began, where they come from, who they are, as well as who supports them. He gave details and insight that you will not find in mainstream news outlets. You can read many of his articles by clicking here .

Marian Sheridan then introduced Dustin Stockton:

com_org_bookThe year was 2008. The U.S. economy was collapsing. Dustin Stockton, 25, had been laid off from his job driving forklifts at a warehouse during the graveyard shift. Like many great modern American sagas, Dustin Stockton’s started with a Google query, “How to start a political action committee.” 

Dustin is currently the chief strategist for Western Representation PAC and also for, a group with an email list of nearly 200,000. His PAC and Leadership Fund pulled in more than $2 million combined in the recent election cycle.

Dustin also helped organize the recent nation-wide “Day of Resistance” to oppose the movement toward stricter gun laws. According to Dustin, there were 137 rallies in 39 states, with more than 100,000 people in attendance.

Recently he received honorable mention in the Right Wing News for their 25 most influential people on the Right for 2014. He is also the author of “Community Organizer: A Tea Party Story”.


Dustin travels the country hoping to change the game of politics in favor of Tea Party candidates. He drove 21 hours from Florida to speak at the September LATP meeting.

The LATP caught Dustin’s attention with its recent “coup” at the Oakland County Republican Convention. Mr. Stockton is looking for honest conservative candidates across our nation, and he is finding some right here in the Lakes area. He was very impressed after recently meeting Congressman Bentivolio. He expressed disappointment in the Congressman’s recent loss. According to Dustin and the Heritage Foundation, Congressman Bentivolio has had an impressive voting record, especially for a freshman. Dustin described past and recent bills the 11th district congressman is actively working to get passed for our district before his term ends.


Vicki Kahle then spoke on the current choices conservatives are facing in the upcoming November elections. Her advice: choose candidates wisely. More on this topic in the coming weeks.

Wendy day stopped by to give a update on Terry Lynn Land’s race against Gary Peters for U.S. Senate.

LATP would like to encourage members to help Terri Lynn Land in her campaign against Gary Peters. Heritage Action Scorecard gives Peters a 9% rating! We must send Terri Lynn Land to Washington and prevent Gary Peters from becoming our next U.S. Senator!

Visit to find out how to help or contact Joe and Linda Brandis to help with the Land Campaign.


Lakes Are Tea Party’s next monthly meeting will be October 13 at Uptown Grille. Don’t miss it!