Send us a message at LakesAreaTeaParty@gmail.com for any specific precinct delegate names that you may be looking for. Please include the city and precinct in the request.

Oakland County Clerks website

Oakland County Clerks Election Page

Democrat Precinct Delegates

Republican Precinct Delegates

Secretary of State website 

Secretary of State Election Page

Your Personal Ballot Preview Website

It is critical that voters know what offices are actually on the ballot, who the candidates running for those offices are and what millages, proposals and initiatives are also being voted on each election.

Please note the following
  Secretary of State website   may be used to view their ballot or check your registration. Voters will be asked to query by name or by drivers license number.    You will click on, “View My Sample Ballot”.

Understanding what offices and candidates are on the ballot is always important, especially in the general election there are non-partisan offices we vote on that have a major impact on our lives.

Please distribute this to your networks so that we can educate and inform all involved in our elections.

Precinct & District Maps

Interactive Maps can be found by clicking on this link

When the page opens Click on the layers button and then Check the box ‘Voting Tabulation District Labels”

Click on the zoom button (the one with the magnifying glass and the + sign)

Scroll down to City, Township, or Village

Click on that box and find the city/twp/village you are looking for

The precincts will show up in the map. You can make the map larger or smaller to see more or less detail.

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