FACL Training Comes to Oakland County!

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016 in Novi

Those that attended Battle Cry Michigan this past January will remember Ted Patterson’s dynamic presentation on the real nature of politics. We are honored that Ted will be flying in from Colorado to be our instructor for the day. This class is an activist training like no other. You will learn how to be more effective in politics by first understanding how the political process really works. From there you’ll learn information, tips and techniques to help in the advancement of the very issues and causes that will prove to restore America to it’s constitutional roots!
Across the country political activist give FACL Training rave reviews!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make your hard work more effective!

The cost is only $50, which includes lunch and snacks.

The registration link is:

Advance the Cause of Conservative Leadership…

The mission of the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL) is to help  fellow citizens understand how the political process works in America.

When you understand how the political process works, you can make it work to advance the issues and causes that will restore America to its constitutional roots.

FACL wants their students to understand just how much power they really have.  You no longer have to be a prisoner of politicians and their schemes.  You can finally burn your victim card.

This is not a one-time event.  Our liberty will not be restored by one person being elected.  Change is a process.  Someone will be in charge, and politicians will be concerned about their next election.

FACL doesn’t want to equip you to be an effective pawn or volunteer for a candidate or political party.  They want to help you create a political environment that will reduce government interference in our lives, resulting in lower taxes and more freedom.