Grow the TEA Party

What can I do to help grow the Tea Party effort?

3 simple steps:

1. Give yourself a goal: i.e. Get 5 new people to come to our next meeting or get 10 new people to join the Lakes Area Tea Party

2. Decide who to contact and how:

  • Email – review your email address book and choose the top 10 people who you feel you could influence (sample email #1 below) then follow up a day or two later with answers (sample email #2)
  • Phone – contact those closest to you; tell them how you feel. Your enthusiasm will be infectious. Engage them in conversation to get them comfortable with the idea of coming to a meeting with you.
  • Door-to-Door – “Hi, my name is _______. I’m really concerned with the direction our country is going. Do you know how much debt each person in the U.S. is responsible for?” Have that number handy and give information about attending a tea party. Or maybe hand out a copy of the constitution booklet – very effective! Something quick and easy to start a conversation.
  • Host a gathering at your house – invite your friends. Have sample papers and booklets available from the Mackinac Center or Americans For Prosperity.
  • Facebook – post the next meeting as “What’s on Your Mind”
  • Twitter – post the next meeting as “What’s Happening”
  • Sign in front of house – ie: scary national debt figure, invitation to a meeting at your house . . . etc. (place sample sign ideas on website, at meetings, etc.)
  • Face-to-Face – examples: Place of worship, neighbors, at work (during lunch hour)
  • Wear Political T-shirts – engage people in conversation when they comment on it, even if the comment is negative. Respond in a positive (not hostile) and informed manner. Have contact information for the Tea Party with you.

3. Prepare talking points for your contact efforts: (examples follow)

What is the Tea Party?

– A grass roots effort of concerned American citizens from all walks of life empowered to stand up for our families, our rights and our liberties

– It is Not a political party, Not Democrat, Not Republican – It does Not have one leader, but Many leaders

What does the Tea Party stand for?

– Personal Responsibility: repeal the health care mandate/law; equal opportunity not equal outcome

– Limited Government: reduce the size and scope of government; replace elected officials who have not lived up to their responsibility as public servants or their campaign promises
– Fiscal Responsibility: reduce government spending; decrease the deficit; reduce the debt; balanced budget; all share in the taxes

What is happening that should concern you as an American?

– Enormous national debt that our country is unable to pay back

– Wasteful government spending and programs

– Public officials out of touch with what Americans hired them to do

– Increasing and expanding entitlements

– Congress is voting itself into being irrelevant

– Losing checks and balances in our three legged system

– 51% pay 100% of the taxes

– Courts are practicing social justice rather than rule of law

– Elected officials aren’t held to the same laws and standards

– Constitution is ignored – Illegal aliens

– Border security


– Progressive philosophy that bureaucrats know best


Sample email #1:

What is happening to our country? Here are some questions below – see if you know the answers:
– Current National Debt?

– amount of debt per U.S. citizen?

– Number of illegal aliens in this country?

-How much does each illegal cost the country per year/per hour/etc.?

– How much will the new health care laws cost?

– How much of federal budget goes toward these entitlement programs:
• Medicare? • Medicaid? • Social security?

Sample email #2

-Ready for the answers to the last email? Make sure you are sitting down!

– National Debt: $13 Trillion and counting

– Amount of debt per U.S. citizen: $42,345

– Number of illegal aliens in this country: 12-20 million

– How much do the illegals cost the country per year: $346 billion

– How much does this cost each U.S. citizen: $1,127/year

– The new health care law will cost over $1 trillion Employers have already started to see increases in Health Care costs (between 9 and 11% already). This is the opposite of what was predicted when the Bill was passed.

– How much of the federal budget (for 2011) will go toward entitlement programs:
Medicare – $492 Billion
Medicaid – $271 Billion
Social security – $730 Billion

-TARP (Toxic Asset Relief Program) – $11 Billion

-Other “Mandatory Programs” (includes food stamps, unemployment, free cell phones, and other social programs) – $596 Billion

If you add up the numbers above, the total is $2,100 Billion or $2.1 Trillion. It is important to note the revenue (from taxes) the government expects to receive in 2011 is: $2.285 Trillion ($1,126 Billion from individual income tax, $293 Billion from Corporate Income Tax, $674 Billion from Social Security Tax, $192 Billion from Medicaid Tax).

That means that almost 100% of the tax receipts for next year will go to pay for social programs. The governments own budget calls for a $1,145 Billion deficit (paying out more than they take in) for 2011. That is equal to $3,729.64 for every person in the USA!
Are you concerned yet? There’s something you can do about it:

Attend the next Tea Party Meeting to find out what YOU can do to help return our country to the values it was founded upon. 

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO to Grow the Tea Party effort?

  • Place our website under your facebook image/name
  • Find prominent sign locations for meetings and events
  • Locate businesses willing to let us distribute information about our tea party
  • Organize/Attend a Corner Rally
  • Network for group awareness and joint efforts – think out of the box: 10th amendment groups; oathkeepers; 2nd amendment group; optimist club; rotary club; ptsa’s;
  • Invite tea party skeptics to a meeting
  • Post on facebook, tweet, and send out in emails about the great events you attend
  • Attract young voters
  • Speak at other groups
  • Wear a T-shirt, hat, button, or display a bumper sticker
  • Get your partner involved. -So, instead of her/him saying, “Are you going out again?”, she’ll/he’ll say, “Let’s go out again!”
  • If you REALLY can’t do anything, find someone who can!
  • Use the IMBALO method. Invite Many, Bring At Least One.
  • Make a 90-day-commitment
  • Set aside time each week
  • Build your own team

Choose just one or two of these, or come up with your own! But just