Support LATP

‘How can I help?’

    • Many hands make light work and no task will be overwhelming!
    • Grow the tea party effort (see- What can I do?)
    • Volunteer with one of the committees
    • Coordinate a special project
    • Watch DVD Overview of America (copies available at meetings and online)
    • Host a dvd viewing of ANY movie! at a theatre or at home or anywhere
    • Plan a Patriot Week activity locally
    • Plan a Patriot Week activity in your school
    • Blog on LATP site, your ideas/thoughts/suggestions/
    • Citizen Watchdog through journalism and research
    • Citizen Lobbyist – Send letters, faxes, emails, phone calls to elected officials, Learn the system
    • Study the constitution – Hillsdale website or As A Mom website
    • Stay connected with LATP – meetings, website, social media, blog
    • Media – (contact editors, radio managers, letters to the editor)
    • Call in to a radio talk show – liberal and conservative
    • GOTV – help get out the vote
    • Check out Michigan Activist Calendar
    • Read books and share them (see the site for suggestions)
    • Attract young voters
    • Write your own blog or on others
    • Write articles for magazines
    • Help vet candidates (ICaucus)
    • Teach history to young voters & kids (many good resources such as Liberty Kids videos or host a
    • Liberty Vacation School)
    • Find inexpensive or free meeting hall
    • Provide or find other free services (printing, signs, legal advice, etc)
    • Find interesting & relevant speakers
    • If you REALLY can’t do anything, find someone who can!
    • Make a 90-day-commitment
    • Set aside time each week
    • Build your own team
    • Provide Issue Information
    • Maintain facts on our webpage with references
    • Offer differing points of view

You can also help by providing additional resources for topics:

• Obamacare
• Cap & Trade
• Government takeovers
• Global warming myth
• Czars
• Regulations
• Election Integrity
• Education
• Budget
• Deficit
• Illegal Immigration
• Transparency
• Term limits
• Part-time legislature
• “Paul Ryan’s Roadmap”
• Acorn – who and where are they now?

Choose just one or two of these, or come up with your own! But just
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Facebook – coming