Common Core Curriculum – the ‘Obamacare’ of education!

Stop Common Core in Michigan
Northville MI Parents for Educational Excellence

WordPress: What is Common Core?

‘Control education and you control the future’
Who controls it now? And what is their agenda?
Do we need to spend more money on education?

 State Legislation:

New Bill on Data  Privacy
Tell you legislator to support this new bill:

National Legislation:

Arne Duncan to California: No Data, No Funds   As this article points out, “A chilling example for other states.  Shut off the data spigot for even a short time and the U.S. Department of Education will tighten the purse strings.”            

“Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness”

Rep. Tom McMillin has a new editorial in the Detroit News:

How Common Core Doubles Down on No Child Left Behind (GB episode)


Truth in Education

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Stop Common Core in MI