Medicaid Expansion

Are you opposed to the expansion of Medicaid?

Learn about the Patient-Centered Care Act and Sign the Petition.

Watch the video from the Rattle With Us meeting where Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck explains his Free Market solution. You can also find Dr. Dave Janda’s presentation from the same meeting posted.

The debate in Lansing about Medicaid Expansion can sometimes be confusing. Not only can the health care system itself be confusing, but the ever-changing proposals to reform it are difficult to keep up with. In order to facilitate a comparison of the differences between the Healthy Michigan bill that is being updated by Senator Kahn and the Patient-Centered Care Solution that Senator Colbeck has designed, please refer to the following table.


Please contact Senator Colbeck’s office if you have further questions on the details of his bill.

For further information on how Medicaid Expansion hurts Michigan, visit