January 12th, 2015 Meeting Recap


The LATP rang in 2015 with an informative and enthusiastic meeting this past Monday night, January 12th. A crowd of 100 was on hand to listen and learn from a wide range of speakers.

Director of Graduate Studies in Economics at the University of Detroit Mercy,
Dr. Harry Veryser,
discussed the threat of destructive leftist economic policies.


Professor Veryser, an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics, is a nationally recognized lecturer and author, and he did an excellent job of explaining difficult subjects such as Quantitative Easing, how the Federal Reserve operates, the US disconnect from the gold standard, inflation, and the historical aspects and consequences of such policies. Dr. Veryser’s information was presented along with a slide show that he graciously provided to LATP for our readers to download here.

You can get details on Dr. Harry Veryser book, “It Didn’t Have to Be This Way: Why Boom and Bust Is Unnecessary-and How the Austrian School of Economics Breaks the Cycle”, by clicking here.

After his presentation, Professor Veryser took several questions from the crowd.


Former state Representative Tom McMillan also spoke at the meeting. He provided an update us on the recent Lame-Duck session that took place in Lansing this past December. McMillan discussed the merits of spending more wisely and emphasized that there is enough money in the state budget and that the gas tax is not necessary. He went on to describe how the the bill is deceptively worded and that it is a net tax increase. He also said that it was laced with welfare perks to get Democrats to support it. The gas tax proposal will be a hot topic between now and May 5th in our state. That is the day it will be voted on in a special election by the people of Michigan.

Rep. McMillan offered this bit of advice, and that is for us to demand that our legislators focus on budget issues, and to not necessarily affect change through bills. Block the money to Common Core, for example, rather than working towards bills that will repeal it. He then spent some time taking questions from the audience.

You can follow Tom’s actions through this blog, michiganlibertyrising.com. Mr. McMillan will return for the LATP’s February meeting as part of a panel discussion.

Tim Bos updated the meeting on the behavior of State Rep. Klint Kesto and State Sen. Mike Kowall during the Lame-Duck session. Apparently, Kesto and Kowall have not seen a tax increase that they didn’t like.

janmtg_shaneShane Trajo from the 10th Amendment Center, spoke briefly on getting involved with local elections and positions, like city council, board of education, etc. Positioning conservative leaders locally can be a more effective and satisfying rather than always focusing nationally.


Rosanne Ponkowski and LATP President, Marian Sheridan, outlined the short and long term goals of the LATP.

– Precinct Delegates: there are many openings in West Bloomfield and Commerce. Contact the LATP for help in filling these valuable positions.

– May 5th Special Election – Fighting the Gas Tax ballot proposal

Long term goals included finding good candidates for future elections (like Oakland County Commissioner, State Representative, and State Senator), and abolishing the IRS.


The LATP Is Looking for You!

We are looking for a PR person, as well as writers. Contact us if you are interested.

Posting the Flag: retired U.S. Marine Don Woodworth

Invocation: Kelly Connolly

Next Meeting: February 9th, 2015
Details will be posted soon on the LATP website as well as sent out via our email newsletter.