July 14 Meeting Recap

The Uptown Grille’s patio was buzzing with activity as close to 100 people attended the LATP’s July meeting. Several candidates were present along with guest speaker John McCullouch of WTDK. The August 5th primary is fast approaching and the Conservative crowd was laser focussed.


Candidates Forum

After a quick greeting by LATP president, Marian Sheridan, candidates were given an opportunity to each speak briefly to the crowd:

Deb O’Hagan – 39 vs Klint Kesto
Matt Maddock – 15th vs Mike Kowall
Dan Lauffer – 38th vs the Crawfords
Jim Runestad – 44th- vs Russ Tierney, and Liz Smith

Tim Bos then took a few moments for a motivational talk to LATP members. Bos spoke about some of the desperate tactics of State Senator Mike Kowall. He also spoke on how more and more people are supporting Matt Maddock as they learn what he stands for and how strongly it contrasts his opponent’s progressive voting record. There are major issues that have alarmed Kowall’s constituents – that Kowall supported.

Rosanne Ponkowski spoke next and reminded everyone of how low the turnout is at primary elections. She said that a push of support by just those in attendance on Monday night could easily be the difference between victory for the principled conservatives like Maddock, O’Hagan, Lauffer, and Runestad, and defeat by big government Republicans like Kowall, Kesto, and the Crawfords, all of whom often vote with the Democrats .

Guest Speaker: John McCullouch of WDTK, 1400AM

John McCulloch is an on-air host at news/talk radio WDTK, 1400AM, Detroit. He is a relentless supporter of the Greater Detroit area and has been one of its most outspoken critics. Mr. McCulloch spoke on a wide variety of issues that are familiar concerns to most conservatives:

  • The importance of taking the US Senate in the upcoming mid-term elections – or the country as we know it is over
  • Pinning Obamacare on the Democrats and branding them with it before they get a chance to distance themselves from the disaster
  • How small business is under attack and how they are faced with many difficult choices due to progressive policies
  • The need to “take the gloves off” and that “nice guys don’t win” – the President is a Marxist, and we need to call him a Marxist

Mr. McCulloch talked about how the stock market in Venezuela is at an all time high, yet the people don’t have toilet paper and how such realities will come to the US if we remain on our current course. He presented anecdotes on healthcare tragedies and death panels caused by Obamacare. He acknowledged how sobering his message was to hear.

In closing, Mr. McCulloch stressed again the importance of winning the Senate and then took several questions from the audience.


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Precinct Delegates Wanted. There are several open spots for precinct delegates in the area. It may take only 1 vote to win. You only need to file a simple form with the county and then write yourself in at the primary election. Encourage a like minded friend or family member to become a write in too!

Calendar events:

Madison/Hamilton Dinner: July 17th, Bakers – click here to learn more
Patriots Picnic: July 27th 5:00 to 8:00 – Marshbank Park, live music, Thayrone X, great food with great patriots. Don”t miss it! Click here to learn more.
August 4th: 5 to 8:30 Dinner and Call Center at Uptown Grille
August 5th: Sign up for precinct sitting – 80 more volunteers are needed
August 13th: Precinct Delegate Training/ Mock Convention. 6:30 pm at the Commerce Library.

Posting the Flag: Retired U.S. Marine Don Woodworth
Invocation: Dan Lauffermaddockdeb2crowd2Runestadlaufferdeb1crowd1