Lakes Area Tea Party Endorses Hughes for Chair


Norm Hughes and Marian Sheridan have grassroots leadership experience that has been built by their time and efforts spent across the state of Michigan on critical issues. Norm Hughes is Chair of the Michigan Conservative PLAN which includes Michigan Freedom To Work and Michigan Conservative Union. Marian Sheridan is the leader of the Lakes Area Tea Party and vice-president of the Greater West Bloomfield Republican Club.

Norm and Marian will be re-branding the Republican Party in Michigan as conservatives and adhering to a platform that charges that Republicans elect candidates that support lower taxes, smaller government, and personal accountability. They will rebuild the Michigan GOP and help elect a principled conservative president in 2016. 

The Lakes Area Tea Party enthusiastically supports and endorses Norm Hughes and Marian Sheridan for the Michigan Republican Party Chair and Co-Chair.

The Lakes Area Tea Party Leadership Team

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About Norm and Marian

Norm Hughes and Marian Sheridan have been certified for the MIGOP State Chair ballot by the RSC Policy Committee.

norm_headNorm Hughes is Chair of the Michigan Conservative PLAN which includes Michigan Freedom To Work and Michigan Conservative Union. He has served as a District Chair when the team recruited and trained more than 600 precinct delegates. As County Republican Chair the team turned out a record vote. Hughes has served on the Republican State Committee, was a nominee for congress twice, directed the 1976 Michigan Reagan campaign, was a Republican National delegate twice, and nominated Reagan at the 1984 Electoral College.

Hughes is an architectural engineer. He studied at Lawrence Technological University (founded a College Republican Chapter and was President of the Student Government) where he got a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture with about 50 additional credits hours in engineering, math and sciences. He went to grad school a University of Detroit School of Law with graduate studies at University of Michigan School of Engineering, Eastern and Wisconsin. He has several patents and technical publications to his credit, and several professional Who’s Who awards. Norm is married with three children and nine grandchildren.

Hughes served in three senior policy positions in the Reagan Administrations and served on the White House Speakers Bureau. He co-founded the Tax Limitation movement that in 1978, put into the Michigan Constitution an Amendment stopping governments from increasing taxes higher than the rate of inflation, and stopped the state from mandating programs . He co-founded the grass roots movement that passed Freedom To Work in 2012.

Hughes has chosen as his co-chair Marian Sheridan, Vice President of the Greater West Bloomfield Republican club and leader of the Lakes Area Tea Party. Marian serves on the Oakland County Republican Executive Committee and is past Secretary of the 9th Congressional District Republican Committee. She has been in professional sales. Marian is married and the mother of five. marian_head

“Marian is an incredible organizer, delegate recruiter and trainer, strategist, event planner and a fellow conservative,” Hughes said. “Marian will be a great face for Michigan Republicans and will work very well with district and county Republican organizations and clubs. We need to bring back the coalition that gave Republicans all branches of government in 2010.”

“Delegates want to grow and enable grass roots and local Republican organizations and support the Republican Platform and principles.”   

“Norm’s experience puts him head and shoulders above the other candidates,” said Sheridan.

“He has an unwavering commitment to the Republican Party platform that will take Michigan in the constitutional direction I am interested in seeing it go. Together with his knowledge of how the party works on the state level and the organizational skills I have developed working with grassroots, we make a team that will make the difference in Michigan for future generations”.