LATP Voters Guide to the Aug. 5th Primary

Conservative Voting Guide:
Republican Primary Tuesday,
August 5th, 2014

Recommended Candidates are for contested races only.
Several different districts are listed below – find your district.

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11 District, U.S. Congressman:
Kerry Bentivolio vs David Trott
Vote Kerry Bentivolio

15th District, State Senator:
Matt Maddock vs Mike Kowall
Vote Matt Maddock

7th District, State Senator:
Pat Colbeck vs Mathew Edwards
Vote  Pat Colbeck

12th District, State Senator:
Bob Grey vs Jim Marleau
Vote Bob Gray

39th District, State Representative:
Deb O’Hagan vs Klint Kesto
Vote Deb O’Hagan

38th District, Sate Representative:
Dan Lauffer vs Kathy Crawford
Vote Dan Lauffer

44th District, Sate Representative:
Jim Runestad, Russ Tierney, Liz Smith
Vote Jim Runestad

In each of these races, the candidate was selected according to how closely they have aligned themselves with the Republican Party Platform based on their past voting record or by how willing they were to opening and firmly take a stance on various issues.

Proposal 1 – Recommend a NO vote. It is a tax shift from business personal property tax to higher general tax payers through retiring tax credits. The proposal makes promises about providing funding but with no explanation about from where future funding will come. For more information click: Proposal 1 8-2014 (PDF).

Oakland County Public Transportation Millage Renewal – Vote NO