Matt Maddock: A True Conservative


Dear Fellow Michigan Patriot,

I don’t have to tell you how disappointed we all are in how our Michigan Republican legislators have voted on “our” behalf this past year, many of whom we helped get elected in 2012! In Oakland County we have a slew of them who voted for Medicaid Expansion (Obamacare), Common Core, millions more in Corporate Welfare, the increase in the gas tax, the Detroit bailout and many, many other increases in taxes, fees and regulations. The list goes on and on. Here in Oakland County we have a great opportunity to take out kingpin Senator Mike Kowall. This is not an open seat; Kowall is an incumbent who plans to become Senate Majority Leader!

Mike Kowall has a 29% conservative voting record on the Michigan Tea Party Scorecard. There are 12 Democrat state senators that have higher ratings!


We are blessed to have a great guy running against Kowall named Matt Maddock. There is a reason his campaign motto is ‘Solid as a Rock’, that’s Matt. He is someone who is steadfast in his beliefs, whether in his Christian faith or his beliefs in supporting the Republican Platform. Matt will not let us down as many of the others in Lansing now have. Matt is a small business owner, married, and has three children. It is with great sacrifice that he is taking on this huge effort to challenge Mike Kowall on behalf of us all.


Matt will out-work his opponent. If you saw Matt’s ruddy complexion and his worn out shoes, you’d know how hard he and his team are working to deliver the message door-to-door that we have a choice this primary! We don’t have to vote for someone just because they have an R after their name. We have the opportunity to help elect someone who will vote for the people instead of for his wallet!

The thing is, his opponent has lots of money in his re-election campaign – no doubt from the Health care industry that stood to gain billions if Medicaid Expansion passed – which Mike Kowall voted for of course. We need help from everyone in the state who knows this must stop here and now!


Please, I can’t stress it enough, please, send $5 or $10, or whatever you can afford to Matt’s campaign.

I know everyone is involved in their own area races, but this could send a bigger message than the lieutenant governor race, or Part Time Legislature petition drive.

If enough of us stand up and decide this is our time, this is our scalp, and send Matt the cost of one lunch at McDonalds. We can win this!!

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God Bless America!

Marian Sheridan
President Lakes Area Tea Party and
Vice-President Greater West Bloomfield Republicans