Mi-CPAC 2014


This is the ultimate planning and networking opportunity in Michigan each year. We have an outstanding faculty from Wisconsin, Alabama, Montana, Canada, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, New York, California and all parts of Michigan. Retired military generals; constitutional lawyers; several authors and professors, TV and and radio personalities; a CIA asset and Chinese expert; bright leaders from think tanks and academe; strategists, tacticians and grass roots leaders. And most importantly, YOU!

We believe all factions of the Michigan conservative movement will be present, representing more than 80 organizations. We will discuss prevailing wage repeal; Common Core Standards; costs and excellence in education; free market alternatives to ObamaCare; tax, spend , regulate and crony capitalism schemes; personal freedoms; national defense and campaign tactics. We have added sessions for an additional day, including campaign strategy and management training, and what we call Political excellence training. This will include a mock convention to help grass roots understand and anticipate rules and procedures used to disadvantage new and non-establishment participants at conventions and other elements of the political process.

Some politicians want a weak political party with limited grass roots influence, so they are free to deal with the other Party and pursue their own interests. A strong Party can exact discipline and implementation of its platform as public policy. It is our conclusion that more than 2/3rds of the Republican precinct delegates are conservative, but less than 20% of the Republican State Committee are true conservatives. This session seeks to address that disparity.

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