November Meeting Recap

November 9, 2015 LATP General Meeting

Tammy Carlone – Science Standards Petitions going around.

Congratulations Rob Smiley and Sue Helke! Rob and Sue won their elections to city council in Wixom and Walled Lake respectively.

Dick Manasseri and Gary Kubiac: Updated us on their work to expose the almost covert Refugee Resettlement program happening in Michigan. Stay up-to-date on this crucial issue at the Refugee Resettlement Monitor Michigan web site:

Janice Daniels, former mayor of the city of Troy gave a legislative update on some things our legislators have been voting on.


  • Contact Representative Nesbitt – Tell him you want him to answer the 15 questions that were provided to him: 517 373-0839
  • Contact Rep. Gary Glenn and tell him you want him to answer the 15 questions provided to him:  517 373-1791
  • Contact Committee Clerk Petroskey and tell her to notify all members that we want the answers to the 15 questions that they received:  517 373-8538

Guest speaker Adam Raizler
Adam Raizler holds a double Master’s Degree from Northwich University in International Terrorism and Diplomacy. He served as the Director of Public Policy for Lt. Col. Oliver North’s Washington DC based political think tank.

During his time in Washington DC, Adam Reizler focused on foreign policy, military affairs and national security.

He would regularly brief Members of Congress on matters relating to foreign policy, international treaties, military and national security affairs and to the impact that US foreign aid and polices were having around the world.

While there, Adam worked with the Republican National Committee to analyze election data – looking for trends that lead to the election of Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

Adam shared the interesting trends they discovered in regards to the Electoral College and what it will take to win the White House.

He serves as a precinct delegate from Troy. Currently serves as the Director of Corporate Communications and Government Relations for the Orlans Group.


Battle Cry Michigan! Tired of feeling like the Ugly Stepchild of the Republican Party? We work hard to elect Republicans who promise limited government BUT after they’re elected, they instantly abandon their campaign promises…BattleCry Michigan will take place January 29 and 30th in Battle Creek at the FireKeepers casino. We are taking our party back and going back to our platform, back to our Principles and Constitutional values, back to a Genuine Republican Party that we can be proud of again, but we need you there. This is a group effort – so please go to for more information

November 19, 7p to 9p:  Women Defending America would like to invite just girls to enjoy a night out for wine, hors d oeuvres, great conversation, a little education and of course shopping! This event will be held at the unique Just Girls boutique located in the heart of West Bloomfield which provides the perfect venue for a girls night out! This free event is sponsored by Women Defending America.

Lost and found: I Tupperware container and I bracelet from last month’s meeting.

NEXT MEETING: We will not be meeting again until after the new year – January 11th 2016.

Posting the flag, retired U.S. Marine Don Woodworth
Invocation: Don Woodworth