October Meeting Recap

Recap of Monday Night’s LATP October Meeting – just in case you missed it!

Mark Baker from Green Acres Farm drove in from Marion Michigan to describe his battle with the state. Mark explained it as a property rights fight. The DNR declared the type of hogs Mark Raises on his farm as “feral” and told him he must destroy all the animals or face very large fines essentially putting him out of the hog production business. Mark retired from the military 10 years ago and being former military was not about to go along to get along especially when it came to his family’s livelihood. Mark gave a very informative and moving presentation on his case. After 3 and ½ years of litigation Marks fight continues.

A guest speaker at last night’s Lakes Area Tea party in Commerce left the attendees with much food for thought. The grassroots initiative, ‘Vote Strategically’ was introduced by local conservative political activist Dick Manaserri. The audience listened intently as Dick explained the importance of voting with purpose in the November General Election.
The 3 main points of his presentation are:

1. SOS – Save Our Seat – Vote for Terri Lynn Land
The message of SOS is that, as long as Harry Reid leads the Senate, he will continue to
obstruct the passage of any bill that is not conducive to Obama’s progressive ‘Transformation of America”. That Senate Seat belongs to We the People, and we must put a Republican in that seat. It is imperative that Republicans lead the Senate in the 114th Congress so that we can stop this progressive madness.

2. Vote for Gridlock in Lansing – Boycott Snyder – Vote for Schauer
Unlike our Congress in D.C., Lansing is dominated by the Republican Party. However, Governor Rick Snyder is Republican in name only. His policies are as progressive as those of Obama. Unfortunately, we also have a spineless Republican legislature which has failed us by giving Snyder everything he wants – only because he is a Republican. Had a Democrat been governor for the past 4 years, those same Republican legislators would have fought against every one of his or her liberal ideas! We cannot afford the upcoming gas tax increase, Snyder’s plan for fast-tracking immigration, the expansion of corporate welfare, or the overtake of our medical industry that will surely become a reality if Snyder gets re-elected. Visit VoteforGridlock.com for the full story!

Please also take 3 minutes to view the following video: voteforgridlock.com/public-tv-discusses-gridlock/

3. Stop Trott – No More Crony Capitalism! – Vote for McKenzie – or Write In KERRY B.
Dave Trott, a local foreclosure attorney, allegedly spent in excess of $2,000,000 to win the primary for the 11th District Congressional seat. The incumbent, Kerry Bentavolio, had the 2nd highest conservative rating for a MI Congressman, and received several awards for his exceptionalism as a Freshman Congressman. Visit StopTrott.com for all the details… but just ask yourself this one question: Why would Trott, who claims to be a conservative, go to such expense and all the work required to unseat one of the most conservative congressman in office? Conservatives SUPPORT other conservatives – they do not challenge them!!

Our final speaker was Congressman Kerry Bentivolio who got a standing ovation from over 100 of those in attendance. Kerry started off by greeting everyone and even greeting a couple of young gentlemen who were obviously from David Trott’s campaign and welcomed them to continue recording his talk. He updated the group on the latest happenings in Washington and discussed his life a U.S. Congressman over the past two years. He stayed after the meeting to talk to constituents in the 11th District.


October 20th: the 11 Congressional District will have a candidate debate at Seaholm High School at 12:45 pm. Congressman Bentivolio, David Trott, Bobby McKenzie and libertarian candidate John Tatar should be in attendance.

October 22nd: The Bi-partisan Forum on Obamacare called The Faces of Obamacare is October 22nd, 7:00 pm at Bakers in Milford.

shirt_money_can_buyPeople for Election Ethics, a combined group of tea parties and non-tea party people is giving away FREE t-shirts for their contest. The back of the t-shirt says “Money Can Buy” – followed by a blank space which allows you to write in your own clever ending. Have some fun with this! Post them on the Facebook site: Nell Fenwick (#Establishment Elite) Group Facebook page. The owner of the t-Shirt that receives the most “likes” will win 2 free tickets to the Lincoln Day Dinner on October 29th to see Rand Paul. The t-shirts and prize come from a private donor. Contact Lakes Area Tea Party to find out where to get your free t-shirt. Contest deadline is October 26th.

Lakes Area Tea Party will be sending out a Voter’s Guide soon. Look for it!

Yes, it was another great night at the Lakes Area Tea Party! If you’re looking for a conservative group that actually takes ACTION to correct the ills of government, go to our website for information on meetings and other events. LakesAreaTeaParty.com