October Meeting: Tuesday – 10/13

Join us on the patio at The Uptown Grille

for our October Lakes Area Tea Party Meeting!

 Tuesday, October 13th , 2015

Dinner/social time at 6:00 p.m. Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

Please note: our meeting has been temporarily moved to Tuesday to accommodate our host location for Monday Night Football. Please plan on joining us for dinner. Come early to make sure you can get a seat and to also enjoy great food and drink at the Uptown Grille. 

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Part-2, of the Syrian Refugee Crisis:
What About the Middle East Christians?

Presented by our guest speaker:
Nahren Anweya

When she was only six years old, Nahren Anweya’s family fled to the United States after their lives became threatened during Saddam Hussein’s regime. She can remember her mother crying while holding her hand as they left the land they knew and loved. Nahren is a first generation American of native Assyrian descent. Her own family’s experience and knowing the endless stories of friends and relatives caught in the cross-hairs of religious fanaticism has lead Nahrin to her activist mission of drawing attention to the brutal massacre of the Assyrian Christians in the Middle East.

As of now the Obama administration has allocated all of the national protection funds to Islamic Syrian rebels, and none to Christians. Syrian rebels are handing their weapons to ISIS only to be used against the Christian population while a mass exodus of Muslim refugees floods western countries across the globe.

Nehrin’s activist mission is twofold: To warn the American people that the present refugee crisis of Islamic immigrants is extremely dangerous to our society. It will result in the alteration of our constitution which will lead to a dismantling of the United States of America.

And to aid in the establishment of an internationally protected safe haven within the Nineveh Province of Iraq to preserve and safeguard the indigenous people residing there. Nahrin’s great grandfather’s plea was to preserve the ancient Christian faith and the Aramaic language in the birthplace where it originated. She is committed to this goal and will not rest until it has been achieved.

Nahren has been regularly interviewed by Fox News and reports to them weekly. She has been interviewed by NBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, International Business, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and numerous other outlets.

State Representative Gary Glenn

gary-glenn-smRepresentative Gary Glenn is leading the charge of placing the health, safety, privacy, cost and control of the people on a level playing field with special corporate interest. He recently Introduced legislation to expand competition and choice in the energy market in Michigan, taking head-on a massive campaign to grant the two utility companies a monopoly in the energy market. We are pleased to have Gary join us with an update on his important legislation.


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