Recap from Monday Night’s Debate from the Experts!

Meeting Recap from October 10th Gathering

Debate Experts from Hillsdale College and The University of Michigan


Aaron Kall, Director of the Debate Department at the University of Michigan,  Hillsdale College’s Dr. Matthew Doggett  – Director of Debate and Matthew Warner Director of Individual Events offered their expert opinions of the recent presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

It turned out to be a fascinating evening as the three professionals gave their take on the past 2 debates. U of M’s Director told the audience that Hillary had a big advantage going into the debates as she has participated in over 40 for political office. Donald Trump definately was at a disadvantage having only ever participated in 11 with only around 30 minutes of speaking time in each of the vice presidential debates.

Professor Warner from Hillsdale said Trump told a story and stuck to it even though the media kept saying he was undisciplined he actually was very disciplined. His story was that America use to be great, is not as great any more, but together we can be great again.

He said Hillary’s story was that she has made an impact on women’s accomplishments in the political world, stick with me or as her slogan tells people, “I’m with her” and we’ll accomplish more. The third Hillsdale professor agreed with the first 2 assessment in his summery.

All gentlemen than gave their opinion on what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to do to win the last debate. The three than answered a variety of questions from the audience on everything from the microphone malfunctioning to the candidates position on the stage. Professor Kall (from U of M) had flown in that very afternoon from the debate at Washington University in Saint Louis Missouri. All three debate experts engaged in a friendly and very fascinating dialog with each other and the audience. We were very appreciative to have such distinguished guest with us.