Special Workshop with ACT! for America


Education or Indoctrination? The Executive Summary was mailed to school board members nationwide. Come and meet the author to hear how we can insure that the texts used in our local schools reflect current historical scholarship and opinion.

The Metro-Detroit chapter of ACT! for America is pleased to invite you to a special workshop with the author of ACT! for America’s textbook project.

sandra_alfonsiDr. Sandra Alfonsi is a reviewer of textbooks since the mid-1990s. Her reviews identify and examine textbooks and teaching materials for slanted, biased, and/or inaccurate information on areas including but not limited to: the growing coverage of Islam in our textbooks, to see if its presentation is sanitized, stylized or in violation of the separation of church and state in what it says or recommends as activities. She works to correct inaccuracies, slant and bias in all of these areas; and to help state and local school authorities in the textbook selection and adoption process so as to insure that the textbooks selected fairly reflect current historical scholarship and opinion.

7:00 pm – February 12th

Troy Community Center
3179 Livernois, 48083

Suggested donation $5

Limited Seating – RSVP requested – act4mi@zoho.com