Strategic Voters Guide

We Must Vote Smarter, Not Just Republican!

Vote for divided government, see

Secretary of State:
Ruth Johnson

Attorney General:
Bill Schuette

U.S. Senator:
Terry Lynn Land- Save Our Senate Seat! – We must Replace Harry Reed as Senate Majority Leader!

Representative in Congress 11th:

State Senator:
15th – Abstain,
7th – Pat Colbeck

State House Representative:
44 – Jim Runestad
40  –  Abstain
39  — Abstain
38  –  Abstain
29 – Dave Lonier

State Board of Education:
Maria Carl, & Jonathan Tade Williams

Regent of U of M:
Rob Steele

Trustee of Mi State University:
Melanie Foster, Jeff Sakwa

Governor of Wayne State:
Michael Busuito, Satish Jasti

County Commissioner:
John Scott

Justice of the Supreme Court:
James Robert Redford, Brian Zahra

Justice of the Supreme Court Incumbent:
David Vinviano

Judge of Circuit Court 6th Court Incumbent Position: 
Lisa Gorcyca,
Mary Ellen Brennan

Judge of the 6th Circuit Court, non-incumbent:
Karen Geibel

Judge of Probate Court:
Daniel O’Brien

Proposals 14-1 & 14-2: The two proposals on the ballot both deal with wolf hunting and hunt regulations. Proposal 14-1 allows a very limited wolf hunt (the last hunt harvested 22 against a limit of 44), requires reporting and allows licensing fees. Farmers already have rights to protect animals and homestead against wolves that typically roam in packs of 6 or 7 that can range a 100 mile area. The Michigan wolf population has grown from six in the early 1970’s to more than 600 now, mostly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There have been more than 120 reports of wolf attacks on farm animals and dogs and taxpayers have compensated farmers for loss of livestock.
Proposal 14-2 cedes to DNR the authority to add and deduct and regulate hunts without legislative action. We see with their rogue feral pig regulations how things can go amok.

We are inclined to recommend YES on 14-1 and NO on 14-2. Both give the non-elected DEQ/DNR legislative and administrative powers that have been abused in the past, and neither Proposal has any lasting effect as the legislature has passed a subsequent law that starts in 2015. Our UP connections advise there is a need, however, for a limited hunt. The DNR says suspension of the hunt pending the vote makes it impossible to organize and manage a hunt this year. In effect, the Proposals are moot.

These proposals seem to be more about National and statewide animal rights groups raising money and rallying their supporters than making law. Most of the nearly $2 Million they have spent on the proposals are from out of state. It is very interesting to see the Sierra Club and U.S. Humane Society asking us to vote no because of government regulations, something they tend to propagate.  The farm Bureau advocates for Yes on both, but they also favor more government involvement and fees in game management.

Board Member of Walled Lake Consolidated School District:
No recommendation: Greg Janicki, Kathy Lyall are both Liberals

Vote no on Walled Lake millage.

Where we have not listed a recommendation it is because we are too unfamiliar with the race to make a recommendation. We suggest Abstain in some cases as to not reward those who are consistently violating the Republican platform. Politicians need to earn our votes, not take them for granted!