Thank You from Norm and Marian

Dear Friends,
It’s been a busy two months. As many of you may already know, I ran for co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party alongside Norm Hughes for chair. We entered the race on the very last filing date permitted.

Unfortunately, this put us two months behind the other candidates. Our main opposition, and the one the establishment was pulling out all the stops to support, was Ronna Romney McDaniels as chair and Jeff Sakwa as co-chair. We were optimistic that we still had a good chance of winning despite all the resources made available to the McDaniels campaign because polls shows that the vast majority of precinct delegates are conservative. In the end, Norm Hughes and I were able to garner 36% of the vote, a third candidate received 6% and Ronna Romney McDaniels 55%.

The main obstacles to gaining control of Republican Party leadership continues to be the roadblocks put up by establishment Republicans at the conventions.  They have created rules and maneuvers to block conservative precinct delegates at every turn and pretty much stack the deck against us. Precinct delegates that manage to get elected at the county conventions, so that they can vote at the state convention, run into opposition from those running the District caucuses. It is a constant battle. Our people often face the frustration of being unjustly obstructed from voting or running for offices they seek, often times by the rules set up by the caucus chair.  In those meetings where we are the majority, the conservatives prevail. The trick is to have the majority of the delegates – it’s a numbers game.  The establishment sees our numbers growing and they continue to fight all the harder for that last gasp of air. We did win some important district chair races across Oakland County; David Dudenhoffer won in the 13th Congressional District, Tom McMillin won in the 8th and Janine Kateff won in the 14th. We lost some others by only a couple of votes. This is why it is so important to attend the convention if you get elected.

We know the majority of precinct delegates believe in the Republican platform and our number is growing. We are getting very close to ousting many “Republican” leaders who do not hold to conservative principles but hold on to their leadership position by tooth-and-nail usually for the financial benefit it affords them. This is changing. It is only a matter of time before all of the dominos fall.

Norm and I had hoped to re-energize the base and not just stand against Democrat policies but stand for Republican principles. We felt very strongly about opposing the Prop 1- Gas Tax and doing everything that was possible to close Michigan’s primary if elected. During their campaign, Ronna and Jeff said they were opposed to Proposal 1 and supported a closed primary. We hope these were not just campaign promises soon to be forgotten after their election. We may need to hold them to their word.

I want to thank those of you who were willing to help with our campaign. Your support and prayers mean more than you will ever know.

Marian Sheridan
President, Lakes Area Tea Party