West Bloomfield Refugee Resettlement Program


West Bloomfield Board to Reconsider their Vote on the Refugee Resettlement Program

On January 25 the board will consider rescinding their vote.

West Bloomfield Township Board has approved having West Bloomfield become a “Welcoming Community”. At the Board’s January 25th meeting they will consider rescinding their vote.

7:00 p.m. at West Bloomfield’s Township Hall meeting. 

Who would not want to be a “Welcoming Community”? Don’t we all want to perceive ourselves as welcoming people? Isn’t “Welcoming Community” sort of like a community “Welcome Wagon” for today?

Not by a long shot. Those that take time to think, rather than react, may consider that most refugees do not want to permanently leave their homeland to relocate to another continent.

The Obama’s White House “Task Force on New Americans” has launched the “Building Welcoming Communities Campaign” to “encourage local communities to engage in immigrant and refugee integration”.

Sadly, there are “volunteer agencies” competing for lucrative federal government contracts to do the government’s work.  Across the U.S., these agencies are normally associated with religious entities that receive a per-capita fee for each immigrant “refugee”.  This is NOT a “charity” program.  Our federal government is using a fee for service program that could possibly endanger our families!

After these “agencies” are paid for their “charitable service”, in what some considered human trafficking, these “agencies” disappear leaving the local taxpayers with the increased security risk and the financial cost to support refugees for many years.The feds do NOT pay for the continuing cost of unvetted “refugees” being resettled into our neighborhoods.

It is the responsibility of our federal government to protect us from the dangerous threat of terror attacks from possible jihadists embedded in the “refugee” population. Even FBI Director James B. Comey and our Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted in sworn testimony to Congress that they do NOT have the ability to properly screen and conduct sufficient background checks on “refugees”.

*So why is West Bloomfield Board willing to “gamble” with OUR security?

*Who is liable for the cost to the community should a terror incident occur?
*Why aren’t the surrounding Muslim countries taking in refugees?
*What is the U.N.’s role in this?
*Why is the funding for this program more than double the $$ requested by the Veteran’s Admin for 2016?
*Doesn’t creating a safe haven in their own country make more sense?

Come ready to ask the board your questions! Or just come, your presence is needed to demonstrate community engagement. Elected officials only listen to one thing: local voters! We strongly encourage you to join with fellow citizens from the surrounding cities and townships to request a pause in “refugee” resettlement in our communities.

Please stand with us in urging the West Bloomfield Township Board to approve the increasingly popular proposal of temporarily pausing the entire “refugee” resettlement program until more can be learned about the intentions of people trying to enter.

The meeting will be held on January 25th, 2016 at the  West Bloomfield Township Hall, 7:00 pm, located at 4550 Walnut Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI.

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Please share this information with your neighbors and friends. The more in attendance the better! Be sure to mark your calendar!