Ask Rep. Mike Rogers Why he is Ignoring Your Basic Security Protections?

New revelations that the ObamaCare website,, still lacks basic security protections has added to the members of congress who support for Rep. Bentivolio’s Safe and Secure Federal Websites Act.

“Recent hearings at the Oversight and Science committees have left no reasonable doubt that the is unsafe to use, and raised serious questions whether in fact the website might be a point of entry for malicious hackers into even larger, more sensitive federal, state, and private databases—everything from citizenship records at INS and veterans’ medical records at the VHA, to the medical records of state exchanges and private insurers.

At the present time the bill has 114 co-sponsors. It is surprising that Mike Rogers, who is the chairman of the Committee on Intelligence and who early on was openly critical over the lack of security on the web site, has not signed on as a co-sponsor.

Please call Congressman Rogers’ office and ask if it is an oversight or if Mike Rogers no longer feels the security and personal protection of Americans’ personal information is not important. 202 225-4872.