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Interested in Reclaiming our Republican Party?


Thank you for being as concerned about the direction of our country and state as we are. These are frustrating times when many think their only alternative is to quit the Republican Party and give up for lack of knowing what they can do to actually make a difference. It’s easy to understand why so many are feeling this way after watching Republicans in Washington and Lansing repeatedly vote for bigger government, higher taxes after promising us they’d do just the opposite.  My name is Marian Sheridan and I recently ran for co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. It gave me an up close and personal experience with the corruption in our party. If you are discouraged by out of control government then join us. There is a way back to sanity. Many of us started to get involved in the Republican Party a few years ago hoping to stop the Obama agenda. Not too long afterward we discovered leadership in the party was all too willing to go along with the Democrat’s big government policies. After learning how the Republican Party is set up we discovered how we can actually push our Republican party back toward its founding principles. The key is pretty simple. The key is the Precinct Delegate. ... read more