Interested in Reclaiming our Republican Party?


Thank you for being as concerned about the direction of our country and state as we are. These are frustrating times when many think their only alternative is to quit the Republican Party and give up for lack of knowing what they can do to actually make a difference. It’s easy to understand why so many are feeling this way after watching Republicans in Washington and Lansing repeatedly vote for bigger government, higher taxes after promising us they’d do just the opposite.  My name is Marian Sheridan and I recently ran for co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. It gave me an up close and personal experience with the corruption in our party. If you are discouraged by out of control government then join us. There is a way back to sanity. Many of us started to get involved in the Republican Party a few years ago hoping to stop the Obama agenda. Not too long afterward we discovered leadership in the party was all too willing to go along with the Democrat’s big government policies. After learning how the Republican Party is set up we discovered how we can actually push our Republican party back toward its founding principles. The key is pretty simple. The key is the Precinct Delegate.

Precinct Delegates are the voting members of Republican Party. They choose the Republican state leadership, national representatives, and some of the party nominees for state government at conventions. (Other candidates are chosen by the public in a primary.)

This is why it’s so important to have conservative/liberty minded folks hold the majority of Precinct Delegate seats at Republican county and state conventions where they elect party leaders. In order to do that we need good people to run for the positions of Precinct Delegates. Every precinct has at least 1 Precinct Delegate and many of these seats go unfilled.

The next election of Michigan Precinct Delegates takes place on August 2, 2016, in the state primary election. (Not to be confused with the presidential primary election coming up on March 8.) In order to be a PD candidate on the ballot, a one page form must be filed with your county clerk by May 3, 2016. It can be mailed or hand delivered – more details on the pros and cons of that will come later. We’ll be providing tips on what info you should or shouldn’t include- not all of it is mandatory and could be used by the establishment Republicans to defeat you in your run for Precinct Delegate.

Rather than start in on too many details now, we plan to provide timely information when needed, starting with the Battle Cry event on January 29-30. Link: If possible it would be very beneficial for you to attend the Battle Cry Event where the strategy will be laid out.

Eventually, the goal is for every congressional district (14 in Michigan) to have a contact person or group, where conservative PDs can get together for information and coordination in preparation for the party conventions.

The important thing is not to get bogged down in the details. Like many things, it sounds much more complicated than it really is. If someone is willing to attend just 3 local meetings in 2 years to help elected conservatives to the state conventions, he/she can help make a seismic shift in the direction of our party. We are very close to attaining our goal but to ensure victory we need people to step up take on this role. We think those that do will find it quite gratifying knowing they had a role quaking up the Michigan Republican Party!

We strongly encourage you to attend the Battle Cry Michigan event on January 29 and 30th at the Fire Keepers Casino in Battle Creek Michigan.

For more immediate answers to your questions we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Precinct Delegate role.

Marian Sheridan
248 225-1846

If you are interested in reading some more information on the process right now, there is a pretty good summary here.

The web page is from the last cycle, so dates, etc. are not current for 2016, but the basics are covered there.