The Bridge is a political spiders nest!

AFP’s Bridge Information

Hillsdale Policy testimony date 9/28/11 & Professor Sedlars testimony 10/12/11 & Angela Ryan, former Port Director U.S. Customs 10/12/11   additional testimony can be found by searching the senate committee records at this page.

Problems with New Government Bridge

Why create an expense for eminent domain when it’s not necessary? The community is coming to the table with it’s hand out with a Community Benefits Agreement (here is one of the testimonies)

California’s Bridge made in China – recently Gov Snyder made a request for an exemption (due to federal funding)  to the requirement to buy U.S.  made products (aka outsourcing)

Mackinac Center Article  Lists 4 reasons why the Tea Party shouldn’t get involved in the bridge. However, it does say the following at the very end:

grass roots activists —  Raise consciousness about bills or potential administration actions to pay-off  unions, environmentalists, welfare advocates and local political machines in the form of bridge-related “community benefits.” Bills have already been introduced to impose these shakedowns on taxpayers, and even without legislation the administration has the power to make such deals on its own if it so chooses.