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Every meeting LATP offers:

A variety of ACTION ITEMS. Not to overwhelm you but to provide options for the many different interests, talents, and time we all have. We certainly don’t expect you to do everything, we just ask that you choose something. If everyone does a little something then a few don’t have to do a lot of everything!

A trio of pre-stamped issue oriented postcards with address labels ready for your short handwritten note and signature and we will mail them to your legislator.

Every month at our meetings, our Legislative Action Committee will provide pre-stamped postcards (3/$1) with address labels and one to three items we will address as a group with others from across the state.

Sometimes they will be questions, other times opinions, and other times a thank you. You add your personal note and we’ll mail them.

Your participation strengthens our message!

Informative Handouts with: the speakers and contact info, issues, new website links, action items, & upcoming events in the area including a variety of training events

Tables full of free literature from other organizations such as American’s For Prosperity and the Mackinac Center to Issue Organizations such as Freedom to Work and American Laws for American Courts as well as Fliers of Events from other groups

Wall maps of all the districts in Oakland County

 Oakland County directories

Updates on legislation and issues that affect all of us

Knowledgeable speakers with Q&A (we always get great questions from attendees which helps all of us!)

Time to network before and after the meeting

Did we mention Action items available at every meeting?

LATP’s leadership team works hard each month to ensure that our meetings are efficient and effective. If you are interested in being part of the leadership team or want to provide input or feedback, please email us with your phone #