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Big Turnout at Prop 1 Event


Several area political/education groups sponsored the Prop 1 panel discussion at the Emagine Theater in Novi, Monday March 9th.

There were more than 140 in attendance who came to hear from experts from 4 different citizen groups:  Tom McMillin and Adam de Angeli from Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, Tony DeMott and David Dudenhoefer from Michigan Campaign for Liberty, Bill McMaster from Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation, and Scott Hagerstrom, from the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals. They explained what was contained in the May 5th ballot proposal. While several legislators, Mike Kowall, Klint Kesto and Mike McCready, were asked to join us to explain why they voted in favor of putting prop 1 up for a special election May 5th, their offices told us none were available to attend.  We also invited several groups who support the initiative, however, not one representative of their position was able to join us. ... read more

Oh, the lies you’ll be told!

Note: Farther down is a complete break-down of a constituent letter from Rep. Klint Kesto, who voted for the tax proposal and defends his actions having done so. LATP knows that some of you have been waiting for us to post it. It’s here! The Lansing politicians who voted last November to put the May 5 proposal to raise the state sales, gas, and vehicle taxes and activate a plethora of unrelated laws are hard to find these days. Apparently they’re being confronted by more angry voters than they were expecting.

Some have gone into hiding.  Others are repenting.

But some of them are sticking to their guns, and in defending the indefensible, saying what they only wish is the truth. ... read more